A Fábrica was created in January 2016 by Luiz Noronha (CEO), Renato Fagundes (Creative Director), Cecília Grosso e Samanta Moraes (Executive Producers).

Its founders have created, developed, and produced hundreds of hours of film, advertisements, TV series, and new media content.

The company produces both original content and projects under briefing, fiction or nonfiction, in any genre or format.

All our projects share the search for top artistic quality, originality, and focus on the audience, building strong ties with our partners.


People yell at the poet: 
“I’d like to see you standing at a lathe!
What’s poetry? It’s worthless!
I guess you don’t have the guts for real work.”
Maybe labor to us is dearer than any other pursuits. I too am a factory. And if I lack smokestacks, then maybe for me without smokestacks it’s harder.

The Poet Worker
Vladimir Maiakóvski

Our Mission

To create value by producing entertainment.

Our Values

Innovation. Technical excellence. Focus on results. Flexibility. Ethics.

the factory workers

Renato Fagundes


Co-creator, Head of Development, and Screenwriter of the TV dramas “Magnífica 70” (HBO) and “A Segunda Vez” (Multishow); the dramedy “Amor Veríssimo” (GNT); and the comedy “Amoral da História” (Multishow).

Head of Development and Lead Screenwriter of the sitcom “Vai Que Cola” (Multishow). Screenwriter of the feature film “Sob Pressão” (storyline and screenplay), and co-creator of the TV series based on the feature.

Head of Development and Lead Screenwriter for the docudrama “Viver para Contar” (Discovery Channel), and the documentary series “Ao Som do Mar, à Luz do Céu” (ESPN) and “Hoje é Dia de Música” (HBO).

Creator of reality shows “Geléia do Rock”, “Vai Dançar” (Multishow), and “Detox do Amor” (GNT), and head of development of “Alternativa Saúde” (GNT), “Pé no Chão” (Multishow), and “Laboratório de Estilo” (Discovery Home and Health).

Cecilia Grosso


After studying Museology at Uni-Rio, she worked for three years in the Museum of Theaters and in the Department of Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro, conducting research, setting up exhibitions, and restoring collections.

In 1999, she began working in film, as Production Coordinator of feature films such as “O Diabo a Quatro”, “Cazuza – O tempo não para”, “Natal no Rio”, “Dom”, “O Cavaleiro Didi e a Princesa Lili”, “Xuxa – Gêmeas”, “Dois Filhos de Francisco”, and “Casa de Areia”.

From 2003 to 2005, she was Executive Producer of the Publicity Department at ​​Conspiração Filmes, and worked in commercials for clients such as Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and Santander. In 2006, she returns working in cinema as Production Director of feature films such as “A Mulher Invisível”, “Xuxa em Sonho de Menina”, “Era uma vez…”, “A Suprema Felicidade”, “À Beira do Caminho”, e “Rio, Eu Te Amo”. She was Associate Producer of "Gonzaga - de Pai para Filho", Executive Producer of "Boa Sorte" and Co-Executive Producer of "Vai Que Cola - O Filme".

In television, she worked as Production Director and Executive Producer of the series "Mulher Invisível" (TV Globo, 2 seasons), as well as the "Vai Que Cola" series (3 seasons), "Trair e Coçar" (2 seasons), "Uma Rua Sem Vergonha”, and "Amoral da História". She is also Executive Producer of the music dvds "Gilberto Gil - Banda Dois", "Arnaldo Antunes – Ao Vivo Lá em Casa", and "Marisa Monte – Verdade, uma ilusão ".

Samanta Moraes


TV and Film Producer, she studied Publicity at the Faculdades Integradas Hélio Alonso and Executive Training in Film and TV at ESPM. She was Executive Production Coordinator in the Film and TV departments at Conspiração Filmes for 12 years.

In TV, she worked on factual projects such as “Alternativa Saúde” and “Detox do Amor” (GNT), “Geleia do Rock” (Multishow), “Aprender a Empreender” (TV Futura), “Caminhos da Escola” (TV Brasil), and “Ao Som do Mar, À Luz do Céu” (ESPN), among others. In fiction, she worked on projects such as “Morando Sozinho” (Multishow), “Detetives do Prédio Azul” (Gloob), “Histórias do Brasil” (TV Brasil), “A Mulher invisível” (TV Globo series), and “Mandrake” (HBO).

In film, she worked on feature films such as “Era Uma Vez…”, “Podecrer!”,”Dois Filhos de Francisco”, “Casa de Areia”, “O Mistério do Samba”, “A Mulher do Meu Amigo”, and “A Mulher Invisível”, in addition to being the producer of the children's feature “Eu e Meu Guarda Chuva”.

In 2013, she became Executive Producer at Zola Filmes, where she produced the series “Os Homens são de Marte”, “Romance Policial: Espinosa”, “Olho Mágico: Reforma de Vizinhos”, “Receitas da Carolina”, “Lá Fora com Bel Lobo” (GNT), and “Por isso Eu Sou Vingativa” (Multishow).

Alberto Elias


Graduated in Electrical Engineering from PUC-Rio with a Post-graduate degree in Computer Network Management from NCE / UFRJ. He has worked for financial institutions such as Icatu, Opportunity, and BNY Mellon, where he was CEO.

In audiovisual, he took an extension course in the Executive Production department at FGV and was CFO at Conspiração Filmes. Today, other than being a partner at A Fábrica, he is a Professor at the Engineering department of PUC-Rio.

Luiz Noronha


Producer of TV shows such as “Vai Que Cola”, “Geleia do Rock”, “A Segunda Vez”, and “Uma Rua Sem Vergonha” (Multishow); “Detox do Amor”, “Alternativa Saúde”, Os Homens São de Marte”, and “Surtadas na Yoga” (GNT); “Viver para Contar” (Discovery Channel), “Laboratório de Estilo” (Discovery Home and Health), “Mandrake”, and “Hoje é Dia de Música” (HBO). Co-creator and Producer of the series “Amor Veríssimo” (GNT) and “Magnífica 70” (HBO).

Writer and Producer of the feature film “Vai Que Cola – O Filme”. Writer (storyline) for the feature film “Sob Pressão”, and Co-creator of the series on which the film is based. Producer of films such as “Dois Filhos de Francisco”, “A Mulher Invisível,” and “Era uma Vez”.